Bubblemaker kids

Bubblemaker Scuba diving

Bubblemaker kids

Bubblemaker Scuba diving

Discover the Fun of PADI Bubblemaker Scuba Diving Program in Rhodes


If you're looking for an unforgettable family adventure on your Rhodes vacation, the PADI Bubblemaker Scuba Diving Program is the perfect activity for your kids. Located at Amada Colossos Resort Rhodes, GoDiveRhodes offers this engaging and educational program that introduces children to the thrilling world of scuba diving. Let's dive into what makes Bubblemaker so fun and important for aspiring divers in the future.

What is the PADI Bubblemaker Scuba Diving Program?

The PADI Bubblemaker Scuba Diving Program is designed specifically for children aged 8 and older, providing them with a safe and exciting introduction to scuba diving. Under the guidance of PADI-certified professionals, kids get the chance to experience breathing underwater, learn basic scuba diving skills, and explore the shallow depths of the swimming pool or calm, sheltered waters.

Why is Bubblemaker Fun?

The Bubblemaker program offers a unique and engaging experience for children, allowing them to:

  • Discover a whole new underwater world filled with colorful marine life and intriguing underwater landscapes.

  • Experience the thrill of breathing underwater, which often sparks their curiosity and sense of adventure.

  • Participate in exciting underwater games and activities designed to make their scuba diving experience even more enjoyable.

  • Build their confidence, independence, and teamwork skills while having fun and learning valuable lessons.

  • Create lasting memories with their families, forging a strong bond through shared experiences.

Why is Bubblemaker Important for Aspiring Divers in the Future?

The Bubblemaker program lays the foundation for a lifelong passion for scuba diving and marine conservation. By participating in this program, children:

  • Gain a strong understanding of basic scuba diving principles, setting them up for success in future diving courses and adventures.

  • Develop a deeper appreciation for the ocean and the importance of preserving marine ecosystems.

  • Learn essential safety skills and responsible diving practices, fostering a sense of respect for the underwater environment.

  • Ignite their curiosity and interest in marine biology, potentially inspiring them to pursue careers or further education in this field.

Establish a strong foundation for future PADI diving certifications, such as the Junior Open Water Diver, as they grow older.

Experience the Ultimate Family Fun at Amada Colossos Resort Rhodes

The PADI Bubblemaker Scuba Diving Program, offered by GoDiveRhodes at Amada Colossos Resort Rhodes, is the ultimate family fun experience on your Rhodes vacation. Not only does it provide an unforgettable adventure for your kids, but it also allows parents to participate or observe their children's progress, creating shared memories that will last a lifetime.

Bubblemaker kids
Bubblemaker kids

Up to 10


Up to 10


180 min.


180 min.

€ 80 / Slot


We provide all the equipment you need for an unforgettable Bubblemaker Scuba diving experience!

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